2013 Penn State Christian Hackenberg Hype


 2013 Penn State Christian Hackenberg Hype

 Many Penn State Nittany Lions fans were excited by the arrival of head coach Bill O’Brien, but only the most savvy and well-informed could have imagined how quickly he would put together quality recruiting classes and return the Penn State Nittany Lions into a National Championship contender.

The signing of high school blue-chip quarterback and #1 recruit Christian Hackenberg was the highlight of the 2013 recruiting class, and the arrival of the strong-armed young man to campus has created a buzz throughout Happy Valley. Speculation is running rampant during a time where fans have yet to see the 2013 team take the field in competitive fashion, and the fact that Hackenberg is the only incoming freshmen that is currently included on widely-distributed Penn State football depth chart is a clear indication that O’Brien at least wants the freshmen to get the attention of the college football world. At most, it is a hint that the fact that Hackenberg will be running the show when the season begins late this summer. If he does get the reins to the Nittany Lion offense, it will be the initial stone laid in a path toward him a very successful college career and hopefully, a job at the professional level. But let us not get ahead of ourselves.

Hackenberg dominated defenses who had the misfortune of having to matchup against Fork Union Military Academy over the course of his high school career, operating a pro-style offense in which he essentially played the role of a young Peyton Manning. He grew into a full 6’5″ by the time he walked the stage with his graduating class, and he put together impressive statistical numbers when asked to compete in combine-like workouts. His large and powerful frame and his natural throwing motion excited scouts all over the nation, but it was coach O’Brien who was able to lure the talented passer to campus, and the fact that O’Brien once tutored the young Tom Brady probably helped his cause. Many Penn State fans agree that there is little reason to sit around and wait on a legend in the making if he is indeed ready to take the big stage. It has been rumored that Hackenberg’s jersey number will 14, and the moment that is officially confirmed, you can be sure that Hackenberg Penn State jerseys will be available to the general public.

Additionally, Penn State fans can look forward to a new style of jersey that emphasizes the bold, sleek and powerful Lion’s head, contrasting it against a solid navy colored shirt while maintaining the classic simplicity of the Penn State style. Whatever happens in the next few months, the arrival of Hackenberg on campus has certainly excited the Penn State nation, and rejuvenated a large, passionate and deserving fan base after a few years in the doldrums due to off-field scandals. Penn State fans all over the nation are now counting down the days until the 2013 season opener.

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