2013 Where Is Penn State University


2013 Where Is Penn State University

Pennsylvania State University is a large and illustrious institution that has nearly 45,000 students enrolled on its main campus. Stationed in the city of University Park, it is very near the geographical center point of the large state of Pennsylvania. The campus is highly accessible from all major metropolises along the Eastern Seaboard and is within a few hundred miles of inland cities such as Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio.

Every year, tens of thousands of people make the trip to Penn State in order to bear witness to one or more football games, which are basically national holidays in the region. The proud and large fan base has been cheering the Nittany Lions to victory for decades, and the team is beginning to come together and take shape for another run at a National Championship.

Visitors to the campus will weave through the beautiful meadows and hills surrounding the University on all sides. Folks coming from the east or west will use Interstate 80 to access Interstate 99, which will drop drivers off at a street that can runs directly into campus, such as E. College Ave. Folks coming from the south will use beautiful highway 322 to weave through quaint farming communities such as Lewistown and Milroy before arriving in University Park. Many will be compelled to take a moment to take photographs or video of the beautiful landscape surrounding the city, and the entire area is a hotbed for recreation such as hiking and driving off-road vehicles.

If you’re going to the area to see a Penn State football game, it is a very wise move that you equip yourself with the proper attire. To show up to a Nittany Lions football game without any Penn State gear can make you stand out like a sore thumb, or worse, be mistaken for a fan of the enemy. This problem can easily be solved by paying a visit to the Lion and Cub Clothing Store, an establishment that has become an institution on campus and a favorite of students, alumni and fans.

After shopping for the best Penn State merchandise, you may certainly become hungry, and College Avenue presents a wide variety of options. If you’re in the mood for good breakfast, stop by the Waffle Shop. The waffles that are produced at this place are truly works of art, and making your way through an entire one is a challenge. The Corner Room is always packed at lunchtime, and for good reason. The establishment offers some of the tastiest classic combinations in town, and low prices keep the locals coming back.

Anybody will be able to get a quality dinner at The Tavern, a down-home place that represents a true slice of the culture and style of University Park. Even though all these establishments have their “regulars,” all are very comfortable environments where visitors from any state in the nation will feel welcome.

After walking around and enjoying a few sights, a sweet tooth might certainly kick in, which means it’s time to head over to The Diner for a grilled sticky. This bread-based pastry is loaded with and coated with some of the stickiest and most savory sugars before it is topped off with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream. It’s a very substantial treat and a meal in its own right. At the end of a long day of eating and having fun, one grilled sticky can be shared with several friends.

While visiting University Park, it will be become clear which spots are the student’s favorite places all around town, and these are usually the places where the best deals and items can be found. Another great dessert spot is The Creamery, and is conveniently located on campus, so folks can enjoy a tasty treat only a few minutes after the conclusion of a football game.

One thing that simply has to be done during a visit to University Park is a picture by the historic and iconic Nittany Lion statue. The smooth and sleek work of art encapsulates the attitude of the University and the football team, while providing a beautiful backdrop for people to pose for very memorable photos.

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