Michigan Versus Penn State: Epic Rivalry Rekindled


Michigan Versus Penn State: Epic Rivalry Rekindled  

No matter what the specifics are regarding record, rankings and overall relevance, the annual affair between the Penn State Nittany Lions and the Michigan Wolverines is a very high-profile and important showdown that draws the attention of two large and passionate fan bases and the entire college football nation.  They are calling for a “White Out” in happy valley.  That means all the Penn State fans will be wearing White Penn State Nittany Lions apparel.

It would be perfect if both squads went into this game undefeated, but the Nittany Lions have lost two games in the beginning half of their 2013 schedule. They were each close battles against Central Florida and Indiana, but PSU still has a lot to prove throughout the rest of a slate that will feature a bundle of well-known and often nationally televised teams.

The Michigan Wolverines are 5 – 0 this season and drawing attention from so-called experts that initially dismissed them as a contender this year. The truth is that the Wolverines have already dispatched of every opponent in their way, including a feisty Connecticut team and a Notre Dame Fighting Irish team that was in the National Championship Game last season. Although they have yet to get the respect of the pollsters who ultimately determine the fate of all college football teams, the Wolverines are obviously a very talented group prepared to fight any team put in front of them for a full 60 minutes.

Both Michigan and Penn State will ante all the chips to the center of the table this Saturday. The Nittany Lions are coming off a game in which they were held scoreless throughout the first quarter before putting a touchdown on the board in the second quarter and scoring 17 points in the second half. Unfortunately, this was nowhere near enough to keep up with an Indiana team that was ready to go from start to finish, scoring in every quarter and bolstering their 44-point total with 23 in the final period.

All indications seem to suggest that Penn State is not quite prepared for a Wolverines team that can move the ball down the field on the ground or through the air. Quarterback Devin Gardner has shown the ability to hook up with receivers whenever he needs to, specifically sophomore tight end Devin Funchess.

Yes, it is true, both a quarterback and his favorite receiver have the same unique first name. A large and passionate Michigan Wolverine fan base is ready to watch the team succeed and achieve a level of greatness that they have not tasted in several years. The Penn State Nittany Lions are hoping to score a landmark victory in order to prove their talents to a large fan base hopeful for a team that can redefine the University as they move forward.

If Michigan is able to win this game, it will set the stage for a series of Big 10 standoffs that will truly define this Wolverines team. Upcoming bouts against Michigan State, Nebraska, Northwestern and Ohio State will ultimately allow the 2013 version of the Michigan football team to be anywhere between outstanding and ordinary.

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