Nittany Lions Wager Everything in Final Showdown against Spartans


Okay. Even the most devout PSU fan could not have predicted they would end up at 9-2 after beginning the year 2-2. They now stand on the doorstep of running the board over the course of their final eight games, which would likely propel them into the top six teams in all of college football.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. The Michigan State Spartans are a formidable squad ready to disrupt if not destroy the hopes of talented and ambitious squads this season. It is true that the feisty group out of East Lansing is 3-8 this season and 1-7 in the Big 10. But this makes them as dangerous as the day is long after they almost ruined Ohio State’s season this past Saturday.

A quick look at the numbers shows that the Nittany Lions have some advantages. Michigan State has the 74th-ranked offense in all of college football, and Penn State has the 22nd -ranked defense. This means that the boys in navy blue and white will likely be able to work their magic on the defensive side of the football, while super sophomores Trace McSorley and Saquan Berkeley do their thing on offense.

Both squads boast a top-30 overall-ranked defense. The first team to 20 points will likely win this affair, and 30 points will secure victory nine out of 10 times, according to mathematical probabilities. Penn State is a 12-point favorite in Vegas as of press time.

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